Prepare for the Wearin’ of the Green Parade

St. Patricks Day

You know St. Patrick’s Day is about more than green beer. It’s about parades and lots of fun. Get your parade on at the 33rd Annual Wearin’ of the Green Parade on March 17 in Baton Rouge. The parade is going to roll out at 10 a.m. sharp, and it’ll depart at Hundred Oaks Avenue and South Acadian Thruway. The participants will march all the way to Stanford and Perkins Road, so you will have ample opportunities to see the floats go by.

Get There Early

The parade doesn’t roll out until 10 a.m., but the streets are going to close around 9 a.m. The organizers suggest that people find a spot by 8:30 a.m. People will get there as early as 7:30 a.m., so if you want a good spot, you might want to rise and shine early.

Expect the Best Floats Around

The organizers and participants go all out with the Wearin’ of the Green Parade. In fact, some people even claim this parade is better than Mardi Gras parades. That’s a huge compliment.

For one, the floats are really creative. Last year, there was a float with basketball hoops on it. You know how parades stop from time to time? The people on the float let the crowd shoot hoops when the parade came to a halt. Not a bad way to pass the time, huh?

Then, there’s the fact the people are the floats are generous with the items they throw out. You can expect to get some green beads and other goodies. You won’t have to fight to land something. They throw out huge handfuls, so everyone walks away with something.

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Irish Music Abounds

Irish bagpipers also make their way to the parade. They will play some Irish music as they walk by. This adds to the atmosphere and ensures that everyone gets into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. If you feel your spirit has been lacking a little bit, this is just what you need.

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