Pamper Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Pamper Your Mom for Mother's Day


Your mom has spent a lifetime putting you first. She has done a great job taking care of you, but she often forgets to take care of herself. Put mom first this Mother’s Day by booking her an appointment at a Baton Rouge spa. Then, she can finally relax and get the pampering she deserves.

The Retreat

The Retreat might be located in Baton Rouge, but your mom will feel as if she’s gone off on a retreat if she goes here. Everything is relaxing at The Retreat, from the friendly staff to the mimosas. Oh, and she will really relax during her spa treatment. Consider the deep tissue massage. Mom has years of stress that needs to be worked out. Her massage therapist will get in there and relieve the tension from all those nights you missed curfew and those times you talked back.

The Massage Emporium

The Massage Emporium can do it all. Get mom a facial, and then schedule a 90-minute massage to alleviate her stress. Then, have the makeup artist do your mom’s makeup. Your mom will look and feel like a new person when she leaves The Massage Emporium. Don’t be surprised if she wants to show her new look off around town, so consider taking her out to dinner after her day of beauty and relaxation. There’s a good chance she’ll turn a few heads during your evening out on the town. She’s going to look amazing.

Vida Pura Spa

You can’t beat a spa package at Vida Pura Spa. There are lots of options, but the Geaux Escape Package stands out. It includes a salt stone or lava shell massage plus other treatments. Add lunch to the package so your mom will have a full day of pampering. If you want to make her really happy, get a package for yourself as well. That way, the two of you can spend a few hours at the spa together. You know she will love it, and you’ll create some amazing memories.

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Brian Harris Chevrolet

You can also make memories when you get a new vehicle from Brian Harris Chevrolet in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Take your mom with you so you can get her seal of approval when you buy your new ride. Remind your mom that Chevrolet is the most awarded car company in America. That will ease her worries when you get a new ride. She’ll know you’ll be safe in your new Chevrolet, and you’ll know you’ll look good and have access to all kinds of cool features. Everyone wins when you buy a new Chevrolet.