View Mid-20th Century Surrealism at LSU Museum of Art


Painter, poet, and master printer Georges Visat is one of the most important figures in the surrealism movement. Those interested in the movement would do anything possible to see his estate’s extensive collection. If you’re one of those people, you can see it in person at the LSU Museum of Art. Visat’s family has loaned the museum his collection of over 60 prints. The museum has titled the exhibit Bonjour: Au Revoir Surréalisme, and it will be on display through March 25. Time is running out, so head to the museum before the exhibit is gone.

About the Exhibit

Many thought Surrealism had all but died between the two world wars. It had reached its peak and shuffled into the background.

Visat used his position as a printmaker to change that. He worked with artists to revive the surrealism movement and backed those efforts up by increasing his efforts as a surrealist printmaker. In fact, he was most active between the 1950s and 1960s. That gave the movement a huge boost.

The exhibit doesn’t just focus on those later efforts, though. It includes works from the movement’s early days, as well as works that were produced in the 1960s. This will give you a good idea of how the movement changed over the years, and it will help you see its importance in art history.

Literature and Art Collide

It’s worth noting that the exhibit also includes illustrated artists’ books that contain surrealist poetry. Surrealism is rooted in literature, and the exhibit explores that. It makes sense that it would, since Visat was known for understanding the connections between the two.

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Learn from Students

Surrealism isn’t just meant to be admired. It’s also meant to be understood, and you’ll be able to do that with the help of LSU students. Students are offering guided tours of the exhibit, and you should take them up on the offer. They understand the exhibit and will help you do the same.

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