Enjoy Wines from Around the World

Wine on the River

Imagine embarking on a vacation where you traveled all around the world, sampling wines from each region. That would be a ton of fun, but it would be costly. What if you could have that same experience, but instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars, you just had to put down $50? Impossible? Hardly. You just need to get a ticket for Wine on the River, and you will take a global wine tour without leaving Baton Rouge. This event will be at City Plaza Hall on April 28. It starts at 3 p.m., and it’ll be full of wine and entertainment.

About the Event

So, just what will a ticket get you when you attend this event? When you enter, you’ll receive a passport. This little piece of paper will contain information about the various wines in the different locations. Then, you’ll make your way around the world, so to speak. You can sample wines from the local region, along with wines from all around the globe. It will be a mouthwatering experience.

It’s not just about the wine, though. There will also be food from local restaurants. You will get to taste some of Baton Rouge’s finest when you’re here. Plus, you can listen to some live music.

This won’t be your standard live music, either. You’ll listen to the stylings of the Ned Fasullo Band. This band will take you back to the big band era. You’ll hear an assortment of classic American standards as Ned Fasullo and his amazing band go from one hit to the next.

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