Cool and Cozy Coffee Shops Around Baton Rouge

Coffee Shops in Baton Rouge

There’s a little nip in the air, and you’re looking for a cozy little place to relax for a bit. You can find it in these cozy and cool coffee shops in Baton Rouge. Whether you just want a cup of coffee or you want a new spot to hang out, these shops have you covered.

Magpie Café

Magpie Café is part of the third wave of coffee movement. The purpose of the movement is to produce the highest quality of coffee possible. Followers of the movement also treat coffee as an artisanal item.

Sounds stuffy, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing about Magpie Café though. Yes, it’s part of the movement, but it’s still as relaxed and cool as could be. That means you get to benefit from the best coffee you’ll ever taste while still getting to relax.

Want to know something else about this café? It has a fully stocked bar. Don’t be afraid to put a little shot of something in your coffee.

Highland Coffees

With a nice laid-back vibe and outdoor seating, Highland Coffees is the perfect place to chill with a brew. The coffee house has free Wi-Fi, and the staff is always happy to have people hang out for a few hours, even if they only buy a drink or two. It has the perfect “everyone is welcome” environment, and the coffee is delicious too. Be sure to try the latte or the espresso over ice cream. Also, don’t forget to pick up a loyalty card. The staff doesn’t always mention it, so ask for it when you go in.

Brew Ha Ha

Coffee and cake balls. That’s what you need to know about Brew Ha Ha. That’s a winning combination, so stop by and try it out. Plus, the atmosphere is really cool. The walls are plastered with funky art made by local artists, and the place is quiet enough to be conducive to studying.

Now, you might feel overwhelmed with choices when you go to Brew Ha Ha. If you like to know what you’re going to get when you go in, consider the iced black coffee. Brew Ha Ha’s blend is so good, and it will give you a huge caffeine kick. You can also customize your coffee selection, so go crazy. Now, when it comes to the cake balls, you need to try out different flavors, but make sure one of those flavors is carrot.

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